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Why Shenaya Holdings?

In this very dynamic world of today, one security product, solution or measure is not solid enough. Thus a Shenaya Holdings becomes essential to continuity. One might not notice the danger that he, she or the company is facing until a time it is too late. Shenaya Holdings transfers the control into your own hands to give you the full control to set the level of security you desire at any time.
We found security is not limited to physical assets of the company and owners but it extends to company time, efforts, intellectual property and others that are essential to business continuity and competitiveness on this very small “Global Village”.

Our Main Services

Security Systems

We do all kind of security systems such as CCTV, Alarms, Access Controls, Door locks, Metal Detectors and Time Attendance.

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We do all kind of Computer Network such as Server rooms designing, Cabling, Accessory Supplying and Troubleshooting.

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Telephone Systems

We supply and install office telephone system (PABX) & Accessories. We provide Analog or IP bass systems.


Electrical installations

We undertake all kind of electrical installation. We do domestic or industrial electrical wring & accessories installation.

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LED Solutions

These days LED using for everything. Such as Advertising, Sign boards, Dancing floor and Decorations.

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Smart Automations

We provide latest Smart Home technology. Then you can control your Place (Domestic or Industrial) using mobile phone.


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